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ITSBITS Save On Your Wheels app available through the Windows Store® ITSBITS Save On Your Wheels app available through the Windows Store®

Whether you're looking for that dream car or truck, or you're just trying to figure out how to save money on your existing vehicle loan, here's the application you need. And, at only $4.99 it's a real bargain!

How much effect would it have on your life if you paid a little extra toward that loan each month? Wouldn't you like to know?

Because it's probably the second-most expensive thing you're likely to buy, and the prices are always going up, and because the interest rates are usually a bit higher than on, say, a house, you're probably going to pay more on that auto/truck loan than you realize. That interest has a big negative effect on your life--it hurts your ability to pay for other things you might like or need. These can be everyday things like a new pair of shoes, or big things like the kids' college or even your retirement.

Save On Your Wheels! is designed to help you figure out how to save some of that interest if you can. Often, you'll be surprised at just how much you can save. But you'll never know how sweet it could be unless you use a tool like this to explore the possibilities.

If you're looking for a new car or truck Save On Your Wheels! offers you the ability to quickly see what your monthly payment for principal and interest will be. Next, you can run your full payment schedule with just a couple of button taps. Having that information is the first step toward gaining true financial freedom, because without knowing and understanding what that loan schedule tells you, you can't really understand what that loan represents to your life, your future, and your family's future.

Once you have that dream car or truck's loan, you can use this app to play something we call "What if I...?" games. You can enter various scenarios where you see what the effect of paying a small amount extra each month would be. What effect would it have on your life if you use some of your annual bonus to help keep pay off that car or truck loan early? How about that annual income tax refund? And you can see a graphic presentation of the "What-if-I...?" scenarios' results, too. You may just be amazed at how you can really do it...you can really get rid of that monthly payment a lot faster and save a lot of your hard-earned money in the process.

If you're just starting the search for your dream car or truck, we want to help you with that, too. Take your device with you and use Save On Your Wheels! to capture pictures of the ones you especially like (assuming the device has a built-in camera, of course.) You can share your pictures--new and existing--via email. (Get a laugh. Check out our screen shot of this below.)

Oh, and once you've arrived at a monthly payment, you can email the payment schedule or, if you'd like, you can copy it for use in your legacy programs. You're in control--that's the whole point of working to Save On Your Wheels! Your loan! Your money! You, not the lender, should be in control.

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Screen Shot showing the graphing tool open

This is a typical image of our "What If I...?" graphing comparing pay-off scenarios.

Want more? OK, we've brought together a quick set of online sites to help you with your automobile-related questions and concerns. You can quickly pull up the auto manufacturer's website, various auto insurance companies' sites, recall information, vehicle histories, and lots more information--even recalls on child restraints are there for you. You'll find it a great convenience.

At just $4.99 it's a great bargain and it can pay for itself many times over as it helps you to do what its name says...Save Money On YOUR Wheels!

You were promised a laugh, so here it is--you can share any of your pictures. Just select them and send them--here's a wheels-related image sure to give you that laugh!

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Screen Shot with mules

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