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Software Removal
Software Removal

In the unlikely event you decide to remove our software--or any other software package, for that matter--it's relatively easy to do. However, the procedure is slightly different for Windows 7® than it was for, say, Windows XP® so we'll be giving you instructions for each as we go. Windows 8© is still another thing entirely--instructions are shown below .

There are two things that are noteworthy when you are doing this procedure:

  1. You DO have to have administrator privileges.
  2. You MAY have to reboot the machine after the software removal is complete, so you should close all your files and programs to avoid data loss.

  • Windows 7® -- Click the large, round start button at the extreme lower-left of the screen. This will cause the display of a 2-panel vertical menu block. In the right-hand half, find the entry for "Control Panel" and click on it with your mouse.
  • Windows XP ® -- Click the button marked "Start" at the extreme lower-left of the screen. This will bring up a single-panel vertical menu. Look up the menu and find an entry marked "Settings" and click on it. This will bring up a smaller menu to the right. In this smaller menu you'll see an entry for "Control Panel." Click it.
  • Windows 7® -- Assuming your control panel is set for "View by: Category" in the upper-right corner of the control-panel window, in the lower-left hand corner of the options offered you'll see "Programs" and beneath that will be an entry to "Uninstall a program." Click that entry.
  • Windows XP ® -- Usually the third entry on your control panel will be to "Add or remove programs and Windows® components." (It may vary and be to the left or to the right, but you shouldn't have any problems finding it.) Click this entry, look for the program you're after, wait for the list of installed programs to populate, then click the program you want to remove. Finally, be sure you've clicked the proper program, then click the new "Remove" button and follow the instructions.
  • Windows 7® -- In a few seconds the list of installed programs will load. Scroll down and find the software you want to remove, then click it. Above the "name" bar at the top of the list a new entry will appear--you have the option of trying to restore a corrupted installation, change the installation, or uninstall the software. Click the latter button and follow instructions.

That's it. The uninstall should complete in under one minute in most cases (though some packages can take much longer ours won't.)

Be careful to look for whether you need to reboot or not. If you do, you should do it now because until you do there could be instabilities in your computer.
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Windows 8® Removal

Software removal on this OS is really simple. Find the application in question on the start screen. Use your mouse and right-click it. This will bring up an app-bar at the bottom of the screen and one of your button options there is "Uninstall." Click this button, verify that you want to uninstall the selected application, and you're done. It doesn't get much easier than that.

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