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Our Privacy Policy

At ITSBITS we value your safety and security which means we value your privacy. By downloading and using any of our software offerings, you are giving your blessing, i.e., agreeing, to the following security policy. When you share your information with us, you are agreeing to these policies. If you do not agree with this policy for any reason, you should leave this website and remove our software from your devices. (Be aware, too, that our policy can be changed at any time solely at our own discretion.)

What Information Will We Collect?
First, you should know that we try to collect as little personal-identification information (PII) as possible. Still, the answer to this question is always going to depend upon the nature of the business you're doing with us. Read on and you'll understand why.

ITSBITS Catapult Garage tools of all kinds from budget to tech help to VB code generation to image manipulation

Launching the files you use most often in the software that works with them, working with your pictures, saving your private personal information in encrypted form, keeping your emergency information in encrypted form for quick access, managing your contacts, your library, your insured belongings, your computer's file system, your budget, paying off your debts faster...this software gives you tools that do all this and more. There's even software here to help you build code.

Best of all, it's all yours for free! Really! It's free!

Free Download

If you're downloading free or consumer software , we ask you to voluntarily email us and give us 5 lines of information. You should know that we strive to comply with all applicable laws dealing with email, including (but not limited to) the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-187), hence we ask that if you are under 18 years of age, you ask for help/guidance from your parents or guardians before using our website.

  1. First line: we need your email address so we can tell you about upgrades to our software that might affect you and/or your use of the software. We promise not to sell or give your email away unless compelled by legal authorities to furnish them with it. We hate being spammed all the time, too.
  2. Second line: your first name (you can use your dog's name or whatever you want to use just so long as you'll recognize it when you see it in the email.) We will always put this name in a greeting at the top of any email we send you so it will always start off with something like, "Hello, xxxxxxxxx" where "xxxxxxxx" is the name you gave us. That way, if you get an email that pretends to be from us, but you don't see your name at the first of it, you'll know it's spoofing us and you'll also know to delete it immediately.
  3. Third line: tell us whether it's OK to send you a newsletter (which may include advertising) from time to time--Just say, "Send news" or "No News" and we'll act according to your wishes.
  4. Fourth line: we'd really be helped if you told us which software offering drew you to our site and
  5. Fifth line: where you learned about us.

Again, we ask you to voluntarily email this information to us, so you don't even have to give us your email address if you really don't want to, but we would appreciate the help and it WILL allow us to notify you of software upgrades (free for free software) that might help you. All five pieces of data will be encrypted and stored on our servers which are maintained under lock and key. (They store our own information so you know we want to keep them safe.) Because the data is encrypted on the server where it is stored, even if a hacker breaks into the server it will be "heavy-lifting job" for them to actually use the data. (No one can ever say it's impossible for them to use the data, and anyone who does is either a liar or an idiot, but it's certainly not likely in this case.)

If you're downloading/purchasing software via a vendor other than ITSBITS's website well, here's our privacy policy, but in many of these cases, unless you email us the 5 lines we're asking for, we will never know anything about you at all. In this case, you should consider our privacy policy, but you should REALLY consider the selling-party privacy policy because they will be collecting and, perhaps, storing your personal information. Even though they are selling and/or distributing our software, we have no responsibility or control over their policies and actions, so if it's not a company you are comfortable with, be really careful.

If you're downloading "pro" software or purchasing/using enterprise-level software things are naturally a bit more complicated. We will ask you for a full set of contact information including name, address, phone, FAX, email address, and in some cases your out-of-hours number. In addition, for some products where business-critical applications and/or enterprise-level software is involved, we will ask for the same information for your assistant and/or your boss. Since you're paying for these software products, you know we will need a method of payment--usually credit-card information. We will NOT store your payment information on our computers or in our files, but will pass them on to the bank as quickly as we can for collection--usually this occurs at the time of purchase using bank-encrypted electronic connections over the internet. We promise not to sell or give your email away any of this information unless compelled by legal authorities to furnish them with it. We will NEVER sell or give away your identification information otherwise. Period. Any and all personal information we store and maintain will be stored in an encrypted format on our servers alongside our own proprietary information and the servers will be maintained under lock and key at all times.

In all cases we may, at times, collect your IP address, the browser type you are using, the date and time, and the referring website information surrounding your visit to our website--none of which involves your personal identity. We will use this to try to help us improve our own website, and, again, we will not sell or give away any of the information we've collected except as may be required by law enforcement agencies. We do not use third-party cookies or other software and we do not track any cookies. Third-party advertisers on our website will probably use cookies, but we have no control over their policies, so you should check their privacy policies if you are not comfortable trusting them. If you want to learn more about cookies, you can go to www.AllAboutCookies.org for more information than you probably ever wanted to think about.

We may also use software to track your visit to our site and collect that information--sometimes known as "web beacons." This data does not identify you and is used solely for the purpose of improving our website. We still won't give it or sell it to anyone else...see above.

In all cases we take every reasonable precaution to insure that no one has tampered with our downloadable software product(s). Because of this our software products are, so far as we can possibly tell, free of any malicious code that would operate as things like root kits, spyware, key-loggers, viruses, etc. In addition, excluding the presentation of informative pages that sometimes include advertising--remember this advertising pays for the software so you get it free--so far as we can possibly tell there is nothing akin to adware in our software. None of our software products do report back to ITSBITS, Incorporated, anything concerning you personally or your use of the software product(s) and it does NOT alter your computer in any way that would include mal-ware. Our desktop software does, in fact, make certain security checks each time it starts to be sure that someone has not, unknown to you, altered the software product and this is designed to help prevent any injections of malware in the software product(s).

You should always know that, as with most websites you'll visit, we have links on our site to third-party advertisers who may collect personal identity information for various purposes ranging from sales and marketing to collecting funds at the bank. We have carefully vetted each of these third-party advertiser before allowing their presence on our website, and we feel each of them operates at a high standard of honesty and integrity. Still, since ITSBITS is not responsible for the actions of these other entities, you should always check their privacy policies if you are even the least bit uncomfortable with the situation.

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