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Use ITSBITS PingBats software to help find/locate network/internet connectivity issues/problems
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PingBats runs on Windows XP®, Windows Server®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7®. (In addition, we have tested it on beta and preview-release versions of Windows 8® without difficulty, but since we are not yet able to say what the final product from Microsoft will look like, we can't yet say that it will actually work on that platform.)

In case you haven't already guessed, we can give you this software at no cost to you because it is supported by advertising which will show up inside the software in numerous different places. For ads marked as "Local" we hope you will patronize the advertiser in question and purchase from them directly. In other cases, we hope you will support our efforts to bring you free software by clicking through and buying what you need when you see it in an ad inside your software or on this website. That said, we'd like to thank you for downloading and using our software.

Before you download your free copy of PingBats, we'd like to ASK that you send us an email and tell us these few things--you don't have to, but we would really appreciate your help. Just email us at UserFeedback@ITSBITS.com . Here's all we ask for:

  1. The email address to send information about program updates and upgrades to you.
  2. Is it OK if we send you an occasional newsletter telling you about our latest and greatest software, our updates and upgrades, and, yes, it will include some advertising by our sponsors, too. Just say, "Send news" or "No News" and we'll act according to your wishes.
  3. Your first name. We will address any correspondence we send you to this name so that you'll know it's from us. If you get an email that pretends to be from us but doesn't include your first name, delete it because WE DIDN'T SEND IT.
  4. Which tool or feature drew you to our software? Just a short one-sentence description is great! No epistle required!
  5. Where did you learn about us?

Thanks for your help.

That's all there is to it. No credit cards, no really personal information. Now we invite you to download and enjoy the ITSBITS® PingBats software...
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