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Borrow vs. Save To Buy

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What Does This Tool Do?

JC Whitney Brand So, you want to make a large purchase and, since it's discretionary or can wait a while, you can save up to buy the item or, of course, you can go into debt to get it. (Maybe fix up your present car a bit, then save the money to trade for a newer model?) Wouldn't you like to know, really know, what the financial difference between the two is? Wouldn't you like to know how much the purchase will really cost you if you borrow for it? This is the tool for you and it's really easy to use. All you need to know is what you should already be shopping: how much money you'll need (duh!), how many months you're talking about for the loan, the interest rate the bank is going to charge for the loan (duh again!). You'll need one more thing--the yield you can get on your savings amount. Plug these values in and click to get the results. It's that easy.

Save Thousands on Auto Repairs There's one more thing to consider. If you're looking at investing your money for 2-5 years (or more), because of the financial policies of the current administration, you do not want to leave it in a simple savings account where you'll be lucky to earn 1.25% interest even as the inflation rate, officially around 2.8%, is actually running somewhere around an actual 5%. Instead, Download our TickerBits software and use it along with the services of a good financial advisor(s) to find a more worthy investment direction, e.g., look at symbols T, VZ, or RAI.

HotResumes.com: KeyWord FREE We hope this simple little program will be a really valuable tool for you and will help change your life for the better...but remember, it will only help if you use it. Then if you decide it's better for you to borrow the money to buy whatever it is you need, at least you'll do it with the full knowledge of your costs and alternatives.
If you sell cars, appliances, motorcycles, RV's, boats and motors, or any other such higher-cost items,

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