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Keep checking back on this page--we'll post new tips, website links, and general information to help you with your budget woes roughly once per month. (This page last posted 5/5/2012.)

If you have a budget template (file) you think would be helpful to lots of other people, why not email it to us. We'll review it and if we agree that it has general application for lots of folks, we'll add it to our downloads. Be sure to tell us whether you want us to credit you for it or to just say it came from another Catapult user.
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Here's a bit of budgetary wisdom!
If there are people who depend upon you, people you want to be sure are taken care of should the unthinkable happen to you, the foundation of your planning should be term life policies from two or three different insurance companies...with enough total death benefits to take care of your folks. DO NOT get talked into "whole life." Buy term, invest the difference.


Looking for coupons to help with your budget? Of course, by now almost everyone now knows about www.Groupon.com but have you tried these? Save Thousands on Auto Repairs JC Whitney Brand HotResumes.com: KeyWord FREE

And you may find the site at www.AllYou.com helpful, too. This last one is a bit different because you'll need to enter your shopping list to see what kind of deals you find.

Shopping on line? If you see a spot to enter a promotional code and get a discount, chances are good there really is a code that will save you money if only you knew it. So take a moment and plug into your favorite search engine, e.g., Microsoft's Bing!®, before you buy that whatever-it-is. If you still don't have the code, try the site at www.RetailMeNow.com and see if you can get the code there.

Eating Out?

See if your favorite resaurant--or one you've always wanted to try--is on www.Restaurant.com. You can get a real deal by purchasing a "gift certificate" at deep discounts. Then give it to yourself!

And if you have a friendly restaurant that you frequent two or three times per month, keep an eye out for gift-card deals there, too. As an example, iHop currently offers a $25 gift card for $20. If you eat there often, buy a gift card and get a nice discount on your food.

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