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If you're new to Catapult, you'll first only see that it has 3 "workshops"--TechSupport, Emergency, and Personal/Private. But notice the menu at the top of the window and you'll see a "Contacts" option: that's a full-blown contacts management package. Next, click on the "Tools" menu option and look at the extensive list of tools that are revealed.

Now realize that you can setup up to 21 personalized, specialized workshops to let you quickly find all your programs that are associated with a given type of work. For example, you may want a workshop where you can quickly find and launch all the programs you use for writing, graphics, software development, web development, etc. Each of these workshops can also be used to setup and show up to five "slide shows" of your favorite images. And, of course, you can use any image you chose as a background for any of your 21 workshops or you can show up to 5 stationary images in any given workshop. Also, in each workshop, you can setup up to five browsers to show your favorite website(s)--for example, you might setup a workshop for nothing more than to view your 5 favorite news-feed websites. That's the beauty of it: you can set it to do whatever you'd like it to.

Before you actually get started with any workshop, we heartily recommend that you look at the online usage instructions (found in the workshop's "HELP" menu) to see how to proceed. Also, always remember that you can get help at www.itsbits.com/CatapultDocSet/TOC.html

Good luck and, please, support those who advertise on our web pages so we can afford to continue giving you this kind of high quality software. And if you can steer any advertising our way, we'd really appreciate the help. Enjoy using our Catapult!

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