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Catapult Garage Image Tool

Though not a drawing tool, this tool will let you quickly and easily do the everyday, mundane image-related things you need to do--resize, rotate, re-format, paste in, copy, change opacity, plus watermark an image or alter the metadata attached to many of your images.
Don't forget: always honor the copyright ownership on others' images.

Use the watermark feature to protect your own pictures from those who would steal them from you.
Work with graphics? Photography? Etc?

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Copy A Picture For Personal Use

Save Up to 90% on SSL Certificates from Go Daddy! Let's say someone uploaded a family picture--maybe a picture of your grandchild or your grandparent--and you want to quickly copy it to your hard drive so you'll have a copy of your own. Use your mouse and highlight the image. Use the option to Edit Copy (or Ctrl + C) to place a copy of the image on your system clipboard. Come to Catapult Garage and Select the Image Tool. Click the "Paste" button. Click the checkbox for "(not my image)" unless you own the copyright of the image. Type a name.ext for the file, e.g., grandma-6-2012.jpg. Now click the "OK" button to save the image to your hard drive in the folder indicated for you to "Copy/Write output image to local folder."

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About Watermarking

Watermarking places a smaller, secondary image into your main image at several places. The smaller image should be something that identifies you as the copyright holder. The full instructions on how to do can be found on the menu option for Help >> Usage Instructions.

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