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ITSBITS® Catapult Tech Support Cautionary Information

ALWAYS backup your data before using the tech-support utilities shown here.

The tech-support utilities provided herein are designed for use by qualified IT professionals. Making a mistake on some of these utilities can destroy your computer's setup and force a full system reload--your data can be lost.

Please, if you don't know what you're doing, contact a professional for help.

Neither ITSBITS, its employees, advertisers, or anyone else associated with the production and/or distribution of this software, accepts any liability whatsoever, nor shall they be held liable in any way by anyone for the results of your use of these utilities--none whatsoever under any circumstances whatsoever. By using this software, you agree to this lack of liability, so if you do not agree to these provisions, do NOT use any of these utilities. If any liability does attach to the use of or results of using this software, said liability shall be limited to the financial cost of the software, i.e., not one penny more than you paid for the software.

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