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Catapult Garage

Use Catapult's Personal/Private workshop to maintain all those user ID/Password combinations you have to keep up with as well as to keep up with other personal data you don't want others to get into.

It will be encrypted on the hard drive to keep it as safe as possible.
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We recommend that you setup "in my wallet" records in this workshop so if you lose your wallet, you'll know what was in it and who to call to cancel your credit cards, etc.

Remember, there are things that have nothing to do with your computer that you might want to have here. The notes field can be invaluable for just such a purpose. What's an example? Well, if you have a piece of property, you may want to make an entry to keep up with the parcel ID# and what your local government has appraised it for year after year...just in case it suddenly doubles and you want to question them about it. (Been there, done that, won!)

Let us know what other great uses you find for such a personal/private, encrypted small-data store. Just email us at UserFeedback@ITSBITS.com and use the subject, "Personal/Private Uses." Be sure to tell us whether to give you credit for the idea or just to say it's "from a user." (If you don't want credit for it, "from a user" is all we'll say.)

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